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School Subject Tutoring

Your child’s Grade Point Average (GPA) is one of the most important factors in college admissions. It is also a critical gauge for your child’s level of preparedness to progress through school grades, from middle-school all the way to their high-school senior year.

We work with students on strengthening their problem areas and on maximizing the level of learning. Students can get help with their schoolwork by participating in either private sessions or small custom groups where the subject is reviewed in a comfortable setting. We assist students with most subjects, including:


Middle School Math
Algebra I & II – Trig
Pre-Calculus / Analysis
Calculus & Statistics
College Level Math
SAT Subject Test – Level 1 and 2
AP Test – Calculus


Physics – all levels
Biology – all levels
Chemistry – regular & honors
SAT Subject Test – Physics, Biology, and Chemistry
AP Test – Physics, Biology, and Chemistry


Literature – all levels
Language & Composition – all levels
School Essays
College-level Writing
SAT Subject Test – Literature
AP Test – English Literature and Composition

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